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How to choose a tennis racquet ?

The weight of the racquet, the balance, the size of the grip and the stiffness of the frame are fundamental elements to take into account when you choose a tennis racquet.

The string pattern, the beam width and the headsize are parameters that will impact the power of your shots, the control of the ball, the access to top spin and the comfort.

The swingweight is a more recent notion involving the weight and the balance, aiming to measure the manoeuvrability of the racquet.

A tennis racquet that does not fit you well could hinder your ability to play tennis but may also cause injuries.

Moreover, it should be borne in mind that with tennis racquets, a high price is not a sure guarantee of a racquet you'll like.

The racquet must above all fit you well and the best thing is to play a bit with the racquet to test it before purchase.

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