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The head size of a tennis racquet

The head size of a tennis racquet refers to the part of the frame where the strings are located.

There are three main categories : mid, midplus, oversize.

The Head size of your racquet will have an impact on the power, the access to top spin, the size of the sweetspot and the comfort.

In this article, I give you the information you need to chose the perfect head size for your tennis racquet.

Tennis racquets with Midplus head size

Midplus tennis racquets have a stringbed that measures between 630 cm² and 645 cm² (95 in² -  105 in²).

Such head sizes are a good compromise for many players, whatever their level.

It's the size I recommand when you begin playing tennis or when you don't know which head size you should use.

You will benefit the power of a large head size without losing too much control.

Midplus tennis racquets can be used by advanced and professional players, but they will often opt for the smaller ones of this category, in order to have the control they need.

It's important to take into consideration the combination of the head size and the string pattern.

Indeed, it'll be different to play with a 100 in² head size having a 16x19 string pattern and to play with a 100 in² head size having a 18x20 string pattern.

The denser string pattern will reduce the power of the stringbed.

Oversize tennis racquets

Oversize tennis racquets have a stringbed that measures between 660 cm² et 740 cm² (105 in² - 115 in²).

These racquets provide more power than the racquets having a smaller stringbed.

The size of the sweetspot is also increased.

The head size being bigger, there is more space between the strings, so the access to top spin is increased.

These racquets are interesting for beginners or for players looking for easy access to power and comfort.

These racquets are sometimes less maneuverable and less stable on off-center shots.

Mid tennis racquets

For this category of small head sizes, the stringbed measures about 600 cm² (85-95 pouce²).

Be careful with these racquets because they are often very demanding.

Such small head sizes will reduce the power and increase the control.

These racquets are designed for tennis players using not much top spin, playing rather flat with powerful strokes.

It's important to avoid off-center shots with these racquets because their sweetspot is smaller compared to bigger head sizes.

This kind of racquet is often used by advanced players able to generate their own power, with their technique and their physical capabilities.

If you use a mid racquet with a polyester string having a high tension, you obtain a racquet extremely control oriented, with little tolerance. Only for the best players with a flat game.