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My fitness training in 2023

Video - My main fitness exercises in 2023

My fitness training

I share with you my current physical preparation, to help you to be motivated and to have ideas for exercises.

The goal for me is not only to be ready to play tennis but simply to have a good general physical condition.

I would do all this preparation even if I do not play tennis.

Currently and for a few years, I try to do one hour of sport per day on average.

Some need to force themselves to do sport, I sometimes need to force myself to take breaks.

I need sport to feel good physically and mentally, which is why I do it regularly.

It is essential to bear in mind that good physical preparation must be adapted to everyone.

There are many examples of training exercises on Youtube, for muscle building for example, and many are not suitable for me and would not be recommended to me by doctors.

The exercises that I present are adapted to me and recommended to me by doctors.

I'm 50, I have mild osteoarthritis in one knee, so I do very little dynamic legs strengthening, mostly static exercises to protect the joints.

I run less and less to protect my knee and have replaced running with cycling.

The effort is different, I much prefer running but I never got pain anywhere while cycling, it's good for doing cardio avoiding impacts.

I had surgery on my right shoulder, that's why I avoid certain exercises, I use little weight.

I focus on strengthening the rotator cuff with rubber bands to stabilize the shoulder, doing the exercises recommended by doctors, which are interesting for everyone.

The exercises I show you present really few risks but they must be adapted to everyone, in intensity, duration, frequency.

Depending on your age, your goals, your injuries, you can and even have to do more to be well prepared or you may have to do a little less to avoid risking injury.

You have to listen to your body and do things gradually, stopping if abnormal pain appears.

Good training !