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The grip size of a tennis racquet

In this article, the grip size corresponds to the diameter of the grip of a tennis racquet, not to the length of the handle.

It is essential to choose properly the grip size of the racquet, in order to develop a correct technique and to prevent injuries.

On this page, I give you my tips to find the right grip size for your tennis racquet.

How to choose the grip size of a tennis racquet

To find which grip size you need, you can take a racquet in your hand and check that it remains the size of your index finger between your hand and the tip of your ring finger.

If there's no space, the grip is too small.

If a large space remains and you can move your index finger in that space, the grip might be too big.

A grip that is too small or too big is a problem to develop a correct technique and it may induce injuries, forcing you to hold the racquet too tight.

The grip size is also a parameter that is somehow personal ; some tennis players will prefer a grip a bit smaller and some others will prefer a grip a bit larger.

Tennis players with a flat game tend to prefer larger grips, while players who use more top spin tend to prefer smaller grips, that facilitate the movements of the forearm and the use of semi-western or western grips.

General tips concerning the grip size

Most of the time :

  • For kids (younger than 11 years old), the grip size is always 0 (4 inches),
  • for women, the size if often 0,1 or 2,f
  • for teenageers, the size is in general 2 or 3,
  • for men, players often use the size 3, some will also use the size 4 or 2, more rarely 5, depending of the size of the hand, the game style and the personal preferences, 
  • the average grip size for men profesionnal tennis players is 3, 2 for the women.

In case of a doubt, I advise you to choose the smallest size, because it'll be possible to increase a bit the grip size, and it won't be possible to decrease the grip size.

If you plan to use an overgrip, take that into account because adding an overgrip generally increases the grip size by an half-size.

Examples of different tennis racquet grip sizes with pictures

Correct grip size

Incorrect grip size for a tennis racquet

The risks of using a tennis racquet with an incorrect grip size

Playing with a tennis racquet from which the grip size is not correct for you may decrease your level of play.

Like I said before, larger grip sizes can be interesting for players with a rather flat game and smaller grip sizes can be interesting for players who use more top spin.

That's why you must choose the size of your grip according to your technique, your game style and your personal preferences, keeping in mind that the size of the grip should not force you to use your muscles too much to stabilize the racquet.

Being too tight on the grip may induce wrist or elbow injuries.

Tennis grip sizes in Europe and USA

In Europe, tennis grips sizes vary from 0 to 6.

In the USA, the grip sizes are expressed in inches.

This is a correlation table with the grips sizes in Europe and USA.

Tennis grip sizes can differ a bit between tennis brands so it's always a good idea to check in real if a grip sizes fits your hand.

Tennis grips sizes in the USA and Europe
US Europe Diameter (mm)
4 inches 0 100 - 102 mm
4 1/8 inches 1 103 - 105 mm
4 1/4 inches 2 106 - 108 mm
4 3/8 inches 3 109 - 111 mm
4 1/2 inches 4 112 - 114 mm
4 5/8 inches 5 115 - 117 mm
4 3/4 inches 6 118 - 120 mm

Advice if you buy a tennis racquet on Internet

If you buy a tennis racquet on Internet, you will most likely have no bad surprise concerning the grip size of your racquet.

Nevertheless, I advise you, after you receive the racquets, to take them in your hand without removing the plastic blister that covers the grip, in order to check that it fits you well.

The blister is very thin and it should not prevent you from having a correct feeling concerning the size of the grip.

If you are used to a specific grip size, you should feel the difference if there's any.

Most of the time, you'll be able to send the racquet back and ask for another grip size, as long as you haven't played with the racquet.