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The beam width of a tennis racquet

The beam width corresponds to the width (thickness) of the racquet profile.

We sometimes talk about the profile section of the racket, this is the thickness of the frame.

This value is expressed in millimeters.

It is an important notion which influences the rigidity of the racket, the power and the control.

How to choose the beam width of a tennis racquet

A standard size for a tennis beam width is approximately 22 mm.

The thinner the frame, the less power it gives and the more control it has.

Conversely, the thicker a racquet has a profile, the easier it will give power.

Racquets with a large profile are more intended for beginners or just players who seek easy power.

Here are my tips for choosing the profile size of your tennis racket :

  • 26 mm and more : powerful frames for beginners or players who look for power very easily, who lack strength or who want to save their efforts !
  • 22-25 mm : racquets with usually an average level of power, for beginners and intermediate players who want an average beam width,
  • less than 22 mm : control oriented racquets for intermediate or advanced players who need good ball control, who have power thanks to their technique or physical skills.

The red markers on the image show the section of the racquet profile, corresponding to the measurements indicated for the characteristics of tennis racquets.

The characteristics of tennis racquets sometimes indicate several profile sizes for the same racquet, this is the case for the Head graphene radical Pro in the image (20.5 mm / 23.5 mm / 21.5 mm).

This means that the beam width is not always the same from the top to the bottom of the racquet.

The three values indicated correspond to the width of the frame at the top of the racquet, at the middle of the frame and at the bottom of the frame, just above the handle.

Most of the time, when the beam width varies, the greater value is the one in the middle of the frame, at the height of the contact zone, in order to provide stability at impact and power.

For the Head racket in the image shown, the variation in profile size being minimal, this is not visible on the screen.